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Guidelines on Flying the US Flag and Other Flags

Patriots all over the United States feel proud when they see the red, white and blue of our flag waving proudly in the breeze. Many businesses fly the flag to make a statement of their patriotism and attract potential customers, and some people will choose to do business with them as a result. Owners of historic bed and breakfast establishments often have a strong interest in displaying their patriotic spirit, but following the proper guidelines for flying the flag is important.

flags mounted to hotel exterior

Hotels often use wall-mounted flagpoles, which can be a more convenient option than upright halyard flagpoles.

Americans who choose to show their patriotism by displaying the flag should follow the US Flag Code to ensure the banner is flown properly. The most important requirement is that the flag should always occupy a high place of honor, meaning that it should always be visible. The most common procedure has been to raise the flag at sunrise and to lower it at sunset. If the flag is to be displayed after dark, it should be illuminated so that it always remains visible.

The American flag is more likely to be flown by citizens on Independence Day, Flag Day and for National Flag Week. The position of how the flag is hung from a pole is important. The union, or the blue field, should be positioned at the highest point. If it is hung over a street, the union should face north or east considering the direction the street runs.

The more pleasant weather of summer usually means the flag will not be displayed in stormy, windy or rainy weather. If it is necessary to display the flag in spite of inclement weather, the US Flag Code deems it acceptable to fly “all-weather” flags that are specially designed to resist weather damage. You can go online and purchase an all-weather nylon American flag for sale.

Sometimes it is proper to fly the flag at half-staff. This position typically reflects the death of an American leader or a national tragedy. The correct procedure of elevating the flag to half-staff is to raise it completely before lowering it to the half-staff position. It should then be raised completely again before lowering it for the day.

Sometimes several flags are flown at the same time, and the US Flag code has outlined the guidelines that must be followed in this case. If the other flags represent states or localities, the US flag should be placed at the position of honor in the center and the highest point of the group. If the display is against a wall in a position of crossed staff with another flag, the US flag should hang on the left with its staff in front of the other staff.

Many bed and breakfast owners present their establishment in a historical light with a patriotic feel. Displaying the American flag is an effective way to enhance that feeling, and their clients are attracted to the concept. Some bed and breakfast owners invite their guests to join them as they properly raise or lower the flag, explaining the proper procedures during the process.

B&B establishment owners may also wish to display the flags of the states or countries of the guests currently staying with them. This is normally done by setting up an array of flagpoles, with the US flag on the middle and tallest pole. While guests are sure to appreciate the effort of seeing their country’s flag flown at your B&B establishment, proper guidelines for flying the US flag and other banners should be followed as above.

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