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Why Stay At A Bed & Breakfast Rather Than A Hotel?

When it’s time to plan for trips, there are a number of things to consider. You have to figure out how much and what to pack. Figuring out how many suitcases you need and what should be in those suitcases is an incredibly important and time-consuming part of trip planning!

That’s not the only time-consuming part, however. There’s also figuring out the logistics. How will you get to where you’re going, both what path you’ll take and what method you’ll take to get there. Will you be going by train, or driving there yourself? Will you need to fly, or can you take a bus? These are important questions, and thus, take time and effort to plan out.

However, in the process of taking the time to plan things out, you might be tempted to reserve simply a hotel room at a decent hotel, and call it a day. It’s a strong temptation, and certainly understandable. Hotels are businesses that are specifically designed to make sure your stay is comfortable. You’ll get a decent bed; you’ll get a nice room, and you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg. However, it’s not the only option, and in fact, it’s not even the best option.

How Is A Bed & Breakfast Different From A Hotel

For many people, the idea of a Bed and Breakfast is nothing more than a more expensive hotel. You will sometimes hear all manner of insulting things about a Bed and Breakfast, and this is unfortunate. It’s unfortunate because a Bed and Breakfast is so much more than a more expensive hotel. It’s so much more than a hotel at all!

A hotel is nothing more than a people kennel. It may have nice amenities, it may be clean and well tended, and it may have good customer service. However, the staff is just that, staff. It’s a place where you go to stay for a few days, ignoring the world around you. You may be able to use their pool, or their gym, or one of their other facilities. But at no time is a hotel ever going to go out of their way to make you feel like their room could be your home.

A Bed and Breakfast does exactly that. It’s much more than simply a room in which to stay. It’s a place that actually tries to make the place feel like home. It does this with home cooked meals, as opposed to having a restaurant on site. Often, meals are served in a communal dining room, allowing people to sit together and converse as if they were friends and family. In addition, a Bed and Breakfast will often host a number of events that make the guests feel even more warm and welcome.

How Comfortable Do You Want To Be?

For some people, the idea of staying at a place that tries to feel like home is unnecessary. They don’t want to feel like they’re in a more cozy home. They just want a clean bed and a television, and perhaps internet access. As long as they have that, they’re fine.

If you’re planning on taking a vacation, then it might be much better to have a more comfortable place to stay. A place that doesn’t just give you a bed to sleep in and clean rooms, but a place where you’ll feel comfortable. A place where the people are friendly and the meals are warm. That is what a Bed and Breakfast can do.

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Where to Stay on Your Next Key West Fishing Trip

Key West is a destination which offers many different types of activity and entertainment, from Fantasy Fest to reef diving, to sport fishing. Its eclectic and historic charm also draws a large number of vacationers who simply want to relax and enjoy the “Key West experience.” But that doesn’t mean you can’t have your cake (or in this case, Key Lime pie) and eat it too.

Hemingway House in Key West, Florida

Hemingway House, Key West, Florida

Each year thousands of sports fishermen are lured to the land of The Old Man and the Sea and its famous Key West fishing charters, with the hope of “catching the big one,” or at least enjoying in the pursuit. However, your seafaring adventures needn’t limit you from enjoying the life of a land-lubber at the end of the day. And that’s why we recommend making your next fishing trip memorable by taking in the charm of one of Key West’s many Bed and Breakfasts.

Although there are more excellent establishments than one could explore in a lifetime of expeditions to this little island, we’ve made it easy for you by scouting out what we (and many online reviewers) feel are 5 of the top Key West Bed and Breakfast Inns:

The Coco Plum Inn

While it can be tempting to look for a hotel right on the beach while enjoying everything Key West has to offer, you’re not going to compete with the amazing lodging or friendly service that comes from staying at the Coco Plum Inn. A beautiful style Victorian home, this bed and breakfast combines elegance, traditional beauty, and comfort into one great package.

A beautifully fenced in backyard with abundant tropical trees and a private pool, reserved just for the guests staying at the Bed and Breakfast allow you to keep enjoying the amazing outdoor setting even when you want a quiet night back.

Ambrosia Key West

A double deck overlooks the pool in the backyard, flanked by tropical trees on both sides to produce a relaxing, yet luxurious setting, that matches the inside at Ambrosia Key West. Nestled snugly in the Old Town Historical District, the Ambrosia enjoys a reputation as one of the finest places for visitors to stay in all of Key West.

Enjoy the little Cuba influence in architecture, the unique quality of each room, and a staff with a reputation for service. Located within walking distance of most of the downtown, this is also the ideal location to explore the entire island from.

The Atlantis House

Don’t let the somewhat dated yellow of the outside of the house scare you away. Inside the Atlantis House you will find a clean and modern look, mixing the influences of Cuba and Florida into a relaxing blend. White tile floors and solid hardwood furniture blend seamlessly and the house is mere feet away from the long beach walkway and the beach itself, making a relaxing morning walk or a romantic evening on the beach both only a stone’s throw away.

Plush pillows and soft sheets mean a comfortable and deep sleep every night, the type worthy of a Florida Keys vacation.

The Conch House Heritage Inn

If you love the idea of staying right in the heart of Old Town in Key West, then the exquisitely restored Conch House Heritage Inn will be a dream come true! Wraparound porches on both the ground and second level give incredible views while the house itself is beautifully restored in a colonial type style. All rooms enjoy a private bathroom with bath, air conditioning unit, and TV, allowing for each person to control their personal level of comfort.

The pool outside is very well maintained and of course Old Town is literally just outside the door.

Avalon Bed & Breakfast

Avalon Bed & Breakfast is dedicated to providing the absolute finest in tropical luxury. This white linen beauty is run from a restored Victorian style house dating from 1885, and features high colonial style ceilings and whisper-sheer above the bed canopy nets. The atmosphere is sumptuous yet elegant, evoking the style and charm of golden era Hollywood pictures. Breakfast is served daily in an airy dining room overlooking the sleepy bustle of Duval Street, and features fresh fruit, yogurt, cereal, and an assortment of pastries. Also included is a unique daily special, which can range from delicate mini quiches to perfectly cooked omelettes.

Feel free to cast us a line, once you’ve enjoyed your stay, and let us know about your experience. And don’t forget to pay a visit to the Ernest Hemingway House, if you find yourself stuck with the seas a bit too rough for fishing, and real-in some old-time Florida Keys history about one of the Key West’s most famous fishermen.

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